Cloudoki merges the exciting, fast-paced technology exploration of start-ups and SaaS into sound and straightforward advice for its enterprise customers. We accomplish this most efficiently and quickly by assisting architecture and innovation teams in an API-centric digital transformation that works. Our varied customer portfolio ranges from start-up enterprises in the banking sector to space tech exploration.

Cloudoki is a banking-oriented European partner of Kong Gateway, the world's most popular open-source API management gateway. Recently they included Cyrex's excellent API security offering in its service portfolio.

KONG Gateway integrations

As a Kong partner, we can bring value to customers in a variety of ways: from POCs using Kong OS to full production deployment of Kong Konnect, we have it all. We also support the products themselves and the various steps in the overall API lifecycle – ranging from design, governance, and accessibility, to engagement and monetisation.

Kong products include the open-source Kong API gateway, Kong Konnect cloud platform, Kuma service mesh, the Insomnia API testing tool, and many more.

Product & Team Kickstart

MVP / Prototype / Recruitment

We implement the best possible building blocks for your product with our internal team, while building and training your's next to it.
At the end of the day, we'll fully handover your product and your own development team in Lisbon.

Knowledge Sharing & Hackathons

IoT / Workshops / Hackfridays

We organise Hackathons in the form of interactive training. We inspire "Learn, play, produce" in application architecture, internet of things, AR, VR and lean thinking areas.

Be sure to contact our founders (Rui and Koen) for more on Cloudoki for Enterprise. If you would like to get in contact with a specific office, visit our Contact Us page.