Here at Cloudoki, we are very specific and protective when it comes to our culture. Besides our work, this is definitely what resonates most with the people that join us, and what makes them remember us long after they've left.

The People

It's all about the people

Cloudoki's culture is definitely people centered. Our environment, interactions and openness translate exactly that.
Our "human capital" is by far the most important asset we have and every single good thing we have, came out of that.

Trust is a huge thing

We try our best to surround ourselves with the best people for the job, or at least with the biggest potential, and then let them take the lead.
By exchanging micro-management and hierarchy with trust and accountability, we give real ownership and impact to whoever wants to contribute.


We take advantage of our trusting environment by being quite flexible with most things. As long as it doesn't have a negative impact on the team and it doesn't affect our culture or work, it's probably fine.

We play hard

We are fun, and that's really ok. Throughout the years we have brewed a very special and enjoyable working space environment. Through random dinosaur suit invasions or after work beers, we definitely keep ourselves entertained.

The Job

Knowledge driven

"Our main product is knowledge" is not an overstatement. It's definitely part of our culture to keep investing and thriving to go further and getting better.
Quality is the one thing we cannot compromise on, and that can only be achieved through knowledge and hard work.

We work hard

Working hard does not mean working long. Working hard means we have company wide high standards we abide to, everyday.
Keeping up with the ever changing technology or industry standards and acting on them takes commitment.

Open source all the way

As big supporters of the Open Source philosophy, we believe strongly in knowledge sharing - just have a look at our tutorials and plugins.


Every other Friday, the whole team can indulge in a full day free from projects, fully dedicated to hacking any technology. The goal is to provide our team with time to build their knowledge, and of course, have fun.

To learn more about our culture, be sure to check out our 'Cloudoki on Tour' posts, highlighting each member of our wonderful family!

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