This year for all of us here at Cloudoki has been nothing but a blast filled with excellent teamwork, constructive challenges, and a setup to shoot ourselves to the moon for 2023.

2022 alone has been jam packed with over 25 projects, such as Prace, Bolt, Vito, Gus Foods, and other projects ranging in particular with security, fintech, gaming, and Web3 which we can’t wait to tell you all about in the new year!

Our continuous growth and a clear direction towards anything related to Web3 and blockchain have been super significant in 2022 and will only grow exponentially in 2023.

We've also been focusing on the natural direction toward gaming and blockchain, which has been very clear and impactful from the start. With the preparation of new marketing materials, pitches, campaigns, webinars, podcasts, and more, we’ve been planning for a loud bang in the new year. This focus has created numerous opportunities in these verticals, and we're working hard to establish new partnerships and strengthen existing ones with our expanded service offering.

The synergy with us and Cyrex have provided us with amazing opportunities to focus our path into the world of blockchain and gaming. Our ability to leverage our tacit knowledge of software architectures has accelerated our team into aspects of the game development cycle including being a part of some amazing online multiplayer games.

This dream work is nothing without the teamwork we have at Cloudoki. Pushing each other to become the best, being playful with the “work hard, play hard” mentality, and being upfront and direct are what allow us to excel as a team and go further. It’s been fantastic to be able to meet up again post covid and have regular get togethers for a beer, catch up around Lisbon and party out like we did in Halloween with our costumes and celebrate the christmas season.

To the team, our clients, and our colleagues, we wish you the happiest of holidays in this jolly season and we can’t wait for the excitement our journey will bring in the new year.